The Making of the Daydream Collection

The Daydream Collection was a love letter to nostalgic 90s fashion and funky style. From our show-stopping Dazed print to our two bold solids, Berry and Violet, this collection is straight from another era, another time, another aesthetic – and we’re obsessed.

 How did this collection idea come about? It all started with the print as is often my design process. I find a print that I love that I think fits the season in a unique way – and the collection develops around it. Dazed is a totally unique distorted stripe print that I was instantly drawn to as 90s fashion has made a resurgence and I’m obsessed with the aesthetic.

I chose Violet and Berry as my two solids to not only balance the craziness of Dazed but also to serve as possible mix n match options since they both match the stripes in Dazed perfectly! Violet is a deep but bright purple that looks so flattering on every skin tone. Berry is a stunning bright red that’s sure to be the hottest color of the season!

We chose to do 8 of our best-selling styles for this collection because it had been a while since we’d done all of our hits that you babes love so much – and the 8 we chose all went along with the theme and aesthetic.

Of course, we had to bring you a little something new, and in walks the Baby Tank. This has been such a long time in the making because I wanted it to be perfect, perfect, PERFECT! I almost exclusively wear baby tanks and shorts as my daily Florida uniform – so I needed this mesh baby to be the perfect fit, length and feel. Well, we solidly accomplished that!

This collection is so so special, I hope you can see that. It’s also limited edition and will never be restocked. We wanted to keep it kind of small and totally limited edition because it is so unique – and that’s the best way to keep it unique and exclusive!

So, if you’re one of the lucky babes who gets a set from the Daydream collection, thank you and I know you won’t be disappointed!  

XX, Hannah

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