Dive Behind the Scenes of SS24

We are excited to take you behind the scenes of our Spring/Summer 2024 photoshoot. This day-long adventure captured the essence of our Daycation collection and brought the vibrant Miami Beach inspirations to life.

Our day started early, with the team gathering at 8 am for a hearty breakfast of egg and cheese bagels. With our energy levels high, we kicked off the e-commerce shoot at 9 am. Our model showcased the bold designs of the collection, from the soft pastels to the high cuts of our classic styles, in front of the camera.

At 10 am, we shifted gears to the campaign shoot. The team navigated through 12 meticulously planned scenes, each capturing a different facet of the Daycation collection. The retro Miami Beach vibes were palpable as we moved from scene to scene, each more audacious and vibrant than the last.

By 3 pm, the last shot was taken, marking the end of a productive day. But the day was far from over. It was time for the team to let loose and celebrate the successful completion of the photoshoot. The energy was electric as we all started partying, reflecting our excitement and pride in what we had created.

As evening fell, we decided to keep the Miami vibes going and ventured out to Wynwood for dinner. With its vibrant street art and bustling food scene, Wynwood was the perfect place to wrap up our day at Kush Restaurant.

Finally, after a day filled with hard work, creativity, and a whole lot of fun, we called it a night. As we look back on this incredible day, we are filled with anticipation for you to experience the Daycation collection. We hope that every piece will bring you joy and create lasting memories of your summer adventures. Here's to making the most of our Daycation!


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